Ten year old model causes outrage

Many a beautiful woman ranging from super models to actresses have graced the pages of Vogue. But a recent edition of the French version had pictures of ten year old Thylane Lena Rose Blondeau posing provocatively wearing revealing clothing and heavy make up has caused outrage over the exploitation of children in the fashion industry.

One picture shows her wearing a gold dress which reveals her bare chest and stomach while in another image she is pouting alluringly at the cameras while lying on a tiger skin throw wearing high heeled stilettos. This fifteen page spread guest edited by fashion designer Tom Ford has caused so much controversy that Good Morning America dedicated a segment to it.

She has already modeled for John Paul Gaultier at the age of four and been on the cover of Vogue Enfants along with a very impressive portfolio. With her stunning looks she is considered as the next big thing in the fashion industry and has been compared to a young Brigitte Bardot.

Other young girls in the fashion industry include thirteen year old Elle Fanning who is the face of Marc Jacobs and fourteen year old Hailey Steinfeld who is the face of Miu Miu.

An Unbiased View on Wearing Religious Jewelry

Summary: To each his or her own. Religious jewelry can have a plethora of meanings that ultimately come down to the wearer.

When you own a jewelry store, you’re going to deal with people from all walks of life. Over time, you’ll learn their reasons for why they buy their jewelry and what they plan to do with it – aside from simply wearing it.

And then you have those that are looking for religious jewelry.

For some people gold or silver Christian jewelry is an outward expression of their faith. For others, they are an intensely private reflection of what they believe in.

With so many types of jewelry piece available in today’s store, like those from Christian.Jewelry, it’s safe to say that it’s become a mixture of fashion and religious belief.

A Brief Background of Religious Jewelry

Religious jewelry holds a significant meaning to those that believe in Christianity – similar to that of crucifixes and rosaries. Each of these pieces carry a significant meaning to each person that wears it – whether it be for a simple expression of faith or even as a fashionable accessory for an outfit.

To those that do aren’t familiar with a religion of any sort may automatically assume it as a form of idolatry. As the saying goes it lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Regardless of the reason, religious jewelry is a staple in today’s accessory-driven fashion world. The utilization of the piece itself lies with the individual that owns it and nothing can really be said to criticize the person wearing it. Why? Every person has his or her own opinion when it comes to religious belief – and that’s what makes this country a diverse and unique place to live.


You have stocked up on all necessary fashion must havs for the summer and enjoying showing off your new swimsuits and other summer gear. Now the time has come for you find out what trends are in for the winter to begin your winter shopping spree! Here are some tips on the latest footwear trends for winter 2017.


Suede boots – This surely does not sound like a sensible option! But the trend for 2011 in treated suede. These boots look and feel just like suede but it is waterproofed, making it perfect for those rainy days. Look for a tag that says “impermeable, winterized or waterproofed”.

Lace-ups- These boots are very much in fashion this winter. There are boots that lace up in the front and some at the back or sides.

Stiletto heels -Stiletto heeled boots in animal prints is a must have accessory for winter

2017 Style Overwhelmingly Playful

In 2017, beauty and style moved away from the super-serious looks of previous years and towards a much more playful aesthetic. Normcore style faded into a revitalization of ’90s and early ’00s aesthetic, with bright colors, velvet, and chokers re-appearing.

Bold lips continue to be a trend, with more offbeat colors making a bold appearance. Blues, greens, and purples are nontraditional colors that are increasingly accepted. Try out a purple lipstick if you’re just wanting to test the waters, as a deep purple is not too far away in terms of color from a deep burgundy – and those have been around for ages! If you’re ready to dive in feet-first, you can even find blue and black lipsticks included in regular (non-Halloween!) collections at the drugstore now.

Glitter makeup is going to be a huge trend for this upcoming season, with many brands releasing glitter-focused eye shadow palettes, eyeliners, and lipsticks. Go all-out and mix your glitters for a bold statement, or try mixing a glitter lip with matte eye shadow, or you could try throwing on a glitter eyeliner for a subtle pop of shine.

No matter how you want to experiment with your personal style, there’s always something to play with. The biggest trend in beauty and fashion is moving away from super serious looks, towards a more playful aesthetic. Don’t take yourself too seriously!


Article submitted by Dev Randhawa. Dev Randhawa blogs about the fashion trends driving women’s fashion each year.


Beyonce Hairstyle Gallery

We saw her ride the red carpet and stages around the world: Beyoncé Knowles sports always look special, sometimes risky, especially with regard to clothing.

But even the very hairs say pop icon, and often try to speak for themselves, and not always good. Cuts soft, but also intricate hairstyles and ethnic diva has indeed tried many look to her hair.


Hairstyle full of volume and movement: this looks vaguely vintage Beyoncé confirms radiant.


Smooth and cut climbed, and this time you bet on the eyes, with a smokey wrong too to the eyebrows.


Sophisticated during the Grammy Awards in 2008, where a trick on natural tones, but sparkling, the singer approached an elegant chignon.


Her dress had caused quite a stir, because of the transparency and adherence, but her beauty look was very elegant and sober.

Spring 2016 Trends : Stripes and Emerald Green

London, Paris, Milan and New York on runways around the world hundreds of leaders and shade one another, dictating fashion trends for next season. Of all the fashion here is a summary of the must of the spring summer 2016, all recurring themes, ranging from catwalk Gucci to Michael Kors, from Moschino Marni, by Sportmax at Issey Miyake.

Many designers who have entrusted white perforated, and many others who have focused on vitamin tones and, of course, the color of the season according to Pantone: emerald green.

If you want to follow the trend of spring summer 2016 grouped all your heads green: the shade is the official emerald green, but all the shades of color of hope are acceptable (see the gallery with all the heads of the shows green).

From the green grass to jade: the designers have declined in all ways. The combination can play the tone on tone, or accessories in warm colors like red.


Another great classic spring: the lines. This time, no navy, but thick lines, vertical and horizontal, strictly black and white. Fancy playing on rigor and fun, and that is easily adapted to dresses, jumpsuits and oversized jackets.

Sunny days and mild climate, white is the color most of all is synonymous with spring and especially in summer. On the catwalks eg 2016 has focused heavily on pierced through the use of patterns that make the most of the time the three-dimensional outerwear.

Simple Men’s Style Tips

A lot of men overthink fashion to the point where it becomes obscenely complex, and hard for most men to wrap their brains around. The truth is, men’s fashion is surprisingly simple if you understand a few basic rules. These simple tips will help you get your footing in men’s fashion, so you can choose a wardrobe you’ll love for years to come.


Men’s fashion accessories include belts, wallets, watches and lots of other important pieces. Get yourself a briefcase for work, if you’ve been using a backpack. Grab a watch and make sure you match your belt with your shoes. Also, invest in a new wallet every few years so the leather doesn’t look worn.

A Bit About Socks

Socks are much understated, but are an important part of your wardrobe. Pants should come to rest just atop your shoes, so there shouldn’t be much of a gap when you’re standing. When you’re seated, your socks tend to show and this is the time for style. Contrasting colors can go very well with certain outfits, so don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone on the hunt for a unique look.

Using Color

A lot of men limit themselves to grayscale color palettes, or earth tones. The truth is you can work a bit of color in your wardrobe and it won’t hurt you. Reds and blues tend to work very well for almost any modern man, so try out some colored button ups. Avoid loud color, and wearing anything that clashes (like checks and stripes).

Bio: Dev Randhawa wants to pursue a career in fashion design and blogging. Dev Randhawa blogs for multiple outlets online, and travels the world in search of excellent men’s fashion tips.

Oscars were given in grand style

Article written by fashion-info.net

The 87th Academy Awards better known as Oscars sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences were held on February 22, 2015 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. Actor Neil Patrick Harris hosted the show for the first time. Awards were given in 24 categories and more than 37 million just in the United States watched the show live while countless many other viewers enjoyed the night of film celebration worldwide.

Birdman or otherwise called the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance won four awards including the Best Picture. So did the Grand Budapest Hotel winning four awards including the Achievement in Costume Design. Whiplash won three awards and there were many others winning one award each. The Best foreign-language film went to “Ida” by Pawel Pawlikowski. Well received by the American audience, the American Sniper nominated for the best picture but won an Oscar for Achievement for Sound Editing. Nominated for many awards, the Boyhood won an Oscar for Best supporting Actress for Patricia Arquette. Best Actress award went to Julianne Moore for Still Alice while Best Actor award claimed by Eddie Redmayne for the Theory of Everything. The Best Director award went to Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu for Birdman.