Skincare Essentials for Every Decade

When it comes to caring for your skin and looking your beauteous best, you need to make adjustments at different ages. With that in mind, here’s a decade-by-decade breakdown of how to approach smart skin care.

20s: Prevention
Aside from challenges with acne or other chronic conditions, during your 20s it’s likely that you’ll have relatively few hurdles to deal with. But this is just when you need to lay the groundwork for great skin later on. This means using a broad-spectrum sunscreen that filters out both UVA and UVB rays: put it on at least twice a day and don’t rely on your makeup’s sunscreen as your protection, either. And even though this is probably your prime partying decade, make sure you get plenty of sleep, moisturize according to your skin type and exfoliate at least once or twice a week.

30s: Step It Up
Now you’ll start seeing those lines appear, which means you have to step up your protection tactics. According to skin care researchers at Adore Cosmetics, this means never skipping sunscreen, using antioxidant serums with vitamin C and E, moisturizing with prime ingredients like hyaluronic acid and working in peptides into your routine.

40s: Expand
If you’re not already exercising, get started. Not only does this provide overall health benefits, the improved circulation helps your skin. Metabolism slows down in this decade, so diet becomes more important, though skin-friendly foods like salmon, tuna, nuts and other foods with omega-3 fatty acids will also help keep your weight in check. At this point you should have your skincare routine down, so stick to it: washing your face twice a day, sunscreen, moisturizing, using antioxidant serums with retinoids, Vitamin C, and E, etc.

50s: Consult and Consider
With the skincare basics in place, during this decade it’s likely that you’ll be experiencing menopause and should talk over hormonal therapies with your doctor, since these may be beneficial.  Besides your regular over-the-counter cleansers, moisturizers and antioxidant creams, certain prescription medications with retinoids may be needed to handle your aging skin. The temptation at this age could be to try new fads or “miracle meds,” but your experience tells you that it’s best to work with your dermatologist for proven solutions—and you’re right.

60s and 70s: Stay Consistent and Consider
Though more invasive dermatological solutions like fillers, deep peels and even surgery can be options for earlier decades, these concerns can also get your radar screen during these decades. That’s fine—just do your research and try procedures a bit at a time. We’ve all seen celebrities who go overboard, so use your life experience and proceed with strategic caution as you would in other areas of your life. And don’t forget or forego the solid skincare habits from other decades, including the right diet.

5 More Wacky Celebrity Beauty Treatments

You may have heard about Gwyneth Paltrow getting stung by bees or Kim Kardashian getting a True Blood-style facial with her own “true blood”, but that’s only the tip of the celebrity beauty weirdness iceberg. Here are a few more celeb beauty fads that aren’t really such good ideas to try.

#1 Halle Berry Uses Coffee Body Wash
We can’t live without coffee, but usually drink it (apparently IV form is just not possible). Well, Halle Berry adds coffee to her body wash to increase blood flow and guard against cellulite. While skin care scientists from Adore Cosmetics say that caffeine-based formulations can be helpful with these concerns, it’s not as simple as adding coffee: the studies show that precisely calibrated ingredients in specific products do the trick, not just the grounds from your morning java. So we’ll stick to Starbucks in the cup, thanks.

#2 Catherine Zeta-Jones Brushes with Strawberries
In an interview with the Daily Mail, the U.K.-born beauty says she uses strawberries to brush her teeth because of their malic acid. She also likes to wash her hair with beer, so cheers!

#3 Katie Holmes Favors Snail Slime for Her Skin
At least that’s what reports say: we couldn’t find an actual quote from her saying this. But The Daily Mail and other outlets have reported that Katie uses a product that integrates slime from snails to make her skin look better. If this is true, you have to admit that you rarely see any snails with saggy, lined faces, so there’s that, we guess.

#4 Teri Hatcher Does Wine Baths
Reports also suggest that Teri Hatcher stays so young-looking by adding some red wine to her bath. Of all the unusual celeb treatments we saw, this one seems to be the most sensible, sort of—though we’d prefer that wine in a glass, the bigger the better!

#5 Sandra Bullock Puts Hemorrhoid Cream under Her Eyes
Apparently, she uses the cream as a vasoconstrictor to help reduce puffiness under the eyes. Regardless of what MS. Bullock may or may not be doing, it’s good to note that hemorrhoid cream is NOT good to have in your eye area and can cause problems, so like the disclaimers say, “Don’t try this at home!”